I always had this dream of knitting and crocheting for my baby! It’s really important for me to have one or two items made by me for the baby to grow with.

I learnt how to knit in high school, but I felt more comfortable with crocheting, a skill I learnt from my step-mom in my teens. I just needed a refresher course! For that, I searched for crochet patterns in South Africa and found the Natural Yarns Crochet Kits!

I started with the TOFT mini ‘Simon the Sheep’ kit for practice. The delivery came beautifully packaged in two days with an instruction card, wool, a 3mm crochet needle and a sweet note from Natural Yarns.

This was a great way to get back into it. TOFT is a British knitwear and wool company that has a series of tutorial videos to assist you in the construction. As the first try, it wasn’t a flawless process but I think Baby will love it!

After the sheep, I decided to work on a blanket. I had a look at some Youtube videos and came across the baby blanket crocheting for beginners video by The Crochet Crowd. This video shows how you can complete a blanket with a simple crochet stitch and it comes out beautifully as long as you keep your tension consistent.

I decided to use Kartopu wool for the blanket, crocheting while sitting in Ubers, through my lunchtimes, while chatting to friends or watching series. It’s so easy and therapeutic and this one doesn’t look too bad, definitely Baby will love this in time for winter!



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