My 2nd trimester was like stepping into paradise. The concoction of nausea, excitement, confusion and nervousness of the 1st trimester was replaced with some calm and familiarity. I also had a burst of energy and used this to get extra work done, list/organise nursery and birth necessities through Google Sheets and to register for antenatal classes.

Here are the few things that helped me get through my 2nd trimester;

1.    Decaff Coffee

I enjoyed coffee before my pregnancy, actually, I NEEDED an Americano to start my day. Taking caffeine out of the routine was hard, especially when you walk into Cape Town cafés and an office smelling of a fresh brew. But decaff came to the rescue. I think simply the taste and the ritual of making plunger coffee in the morning made me feel good. I drank the Woolworths ground coffee and also the Häzz range I got off Uber Eats while lying in bed at home. 

2.    Alcohol-free Drink Options

I must say I didn’t miss wine or bubbles as much as I thought I would, the smell of alcohol wasn’t great for  my nausea and I think that sentiment stuck with me.  When my husband and I decided to host a New Year’s party, FOMO hit me and I took a look at my options. I hate the usual sweet taste of alcohol-free options (aka grape juice) found in most supermarkets so I was looking for something as close to that dry white taste as possible. Cue Lautus de-alcoholised wine. It’s traditional wine with alcohol (almost entirely) removed through spinning cone column (SSC) technology and  filtration. It still has the essence of wine and has a great taste. I purchased a bottle of both the Lautus Savvy White and Savvy Red online from Woolworths.

There is also a non-alcoholic gin and tonic available called The Duchess. I like this for summer days with the Botanical range being my favourite, great served cold with fresh cucumber and lemon.

3.    A Good Bra and Pregnancy Belt

It’s important to stay comfortable for the next few months and a good bra can take you far! Check out my pregnancy lingerie post for places to shop for cute and comfortable items. 

4.    Pregnancy Pants and Dresses

I purchased a pair of maternity denims and maternity leggings from MRP and these have served me well. Stretchy at the waist and bump is key. Being pregnant in summer is great because you can still use all your loose summer dresses. I added a couple of more loose dresses to this collection (preferring loose and not necessarily maternity) and preggo wardrobe was done!

5.    Preggo Pillow

If I had a ‘best purchase’ this trimester, it was our TulaBaby Preggie Pillow. You my have noticed how I said our, yes… It also belongs to my husband who has fallen in love with it too. You are encouraged to sleep on your left during pregnancy to increase blood flow and nutrients to the placenta. This can be hard on some days but positioning the pillow around you and between your legs helps. On lazy days watching Netflix in bed, it contours around your body and provides a comfy sofa for the chill. We got ours from Makro and can’t wait to use it for baby feeding too. 

6.    Exercise and Outings

Like I said earlier, my energy levels in the 2nd Trimester were high! I felt focused, efficient and productive at work and at home. We even hosted a Christmas party, a New Year’s party along with casual holiday dinners on some nights. I met up with my friends for dinners and lunches while my husband planned  a couple of picnics and walks. The summer sun allowed us to swim too. It felt great being out and about! I also think it helped me stay positive as my activities matched my personality. I’m outgoing and I do enjoy being out of the house so I made pregnancy a part of this lifestyle rather than letting pregnancy change it completely.

I hope you have a great second trimester! Make sure you make it yours!



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