A Home Maternity Shoot

Before our pregnancy, I had these grand ideas of how I’d style my maternity shoot when the time came. Let’s just say some ideas involved being underwater with bright and colourful flowers, a sheer veil, Madonna and child symbolism…okay…. in truth, it was Beyoncé! I imagined myself channeling my inner Beyonce for the day lol.

But when my belly rose to the occasion and it came time for the shoot (33 weeks), I didn’t want to Yoncé anymore. I wanted something that reflected the journey we are having, a peaceful, joy-filled journey. I wanted something more personal and intimate.

After looking for a photographer and not quite finding what we wanted at the right rate, my husband and I decided to have a shoot at home last weekend!

I chose three outfits that made me feel regal- my favorite African print cape from Zimbabwean designer Tanya Nefertari, an abaya my dear friend gave me from Saudi Arabia, and my wedding day dressing robe- and we split the shoot location between our bedroom and the garden.

This really was an amazing day! I had my husband encouraging me shouting; ”Yes, more attitude” ”Love that angle” while stretching and bending to get the snaps. It really made me feel beautiful and like a queen, I cannot imagine having had this much fun with another photographer!

The shoot was free (all images were taken with his Iphone), special, intimate and fun, a bonding experience for both of us!

I do recommend exploring home shoots with your loved one to preserve this special time!



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