What’s In my Hospital Bag?

Yaay!! we are 4 weeks away and so excited! Life is super busy right now, I’m handing over projects at work, finalizing the nursery but enjoying being spoilt at baby showers!

In all this, I mustn’t forget my hospital bag! As a first-time mom, I looked at 3 sources in deciding what I need for the hospital stay; 

1. Asking for a list from the hospital I will be staying in. They were happy to provide one
2. My antenatal classes teacher who told us about a few extra items that we may need 
3. YouTube; with a vlogs from experienced moms that had a few tricks up their sleeves


  • 2 Dressing gowns
  • 2 sets of pajamas with front opening buttons
  • Comfortable T-shirts and boxers (what I feel comfy sleeping in daily)
  • 3 Feeding Bras
  • Breast pads
  • Nappy disposable bags for our dirty clothes
  • My own pack of hospital panties (even though hospital will provide)
  • Comfy clothes to leave hospital in
  • Soft slippers and socks
  • Shower slippers
  • Everyday toiletries and make-up
  • Tissue
  • Maternity Pads
  • Nipple Cream
  • Linen Savers (hospital likely to provide)
  • 2 facecloths (preferably dark-coloured)
  • 2 Bath towels
  • Vitamins
  • Snacks
  • A book to read


  • Antenatal class notes
  • Birth plan and Pregnancy Folder
  • Baby’s Pregnancy Diary
  • ID documents and black pen for registration
  • Some money


  • Cellphone + charger
  • Ipad + charger with my labour playlists- one with slow music and one that’s more upbeat


  • A pack of newborn nappies
  • Baby wipes
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Cotton wool
  • Cleansing lotion/Aqueous Cream
  • Moisturiser
  • Five sets of clean baby clothes; vest, babygro, wrapper/receiving blanket, socks, beanie each in Ziploc bag that can be reused for dirty clothes storage
  • Small changing  mat (came with my baby bag)
  • 3 warm blankets
  • Dummy and holder 

I divided and packed baby’s full outfit each in a Ziploc bag so that we don’t fuss around too much when looking for items. 

I also packed one full pajama outfit in a Ziploc bag and made it easily accessible. This is for me to change into after my assisted bath, making it easier for the nurse to find.

So that’s it! We have the bag ready near the door for that (quick) exit! Please do share what you have in your bag!



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