The 3rd trimester is here!! I called this ‘the admin trimester’ because it was mostly paperwork, getting organized and final preparations for me. But we did have some fun, spending 6 weeks attending the Thula antenatal classes where we met an awesome group of soon-to-be parents that have become a great support structure for us.

I also decided to start my maternity leave early, taking 2 and a half weeks to myself; a time to relax and enjoy my husband before we meet our little one.

Here are a few items I found essential for my 3rd trimester;

1. Pamper Yourself with a Pregnancy Massage

I took a day to pamper myself at the Angsana Spa, Vineyard Hotel, with a massage, lunch and chill session- this was exactly what I needed! I came home feeling renewed and bubbly and ready for my maternity leave. The spa has a pregnancy-friendly Dream Massage that’s done while you lie on your sides and then your back for a head and neck rub. I went on a Monday so it was quieter,which allowed me to enjoy ginger tea in the garden alone with the sound of birds chirping and water trickling in the background. It was a beautiful day!

2. Hospital Bag Ready To Go

Keeping your hospital bag ready to go in the last few weeks is a must for me. I was watching an episode of Yummy Mummies on Netflix (please don’t judge me ?) and Lorinska and her husband were packing her bag while she was in labor! I can only imagine the stress!

I don’t want to forget anything and I know my husband won’t know where ‘those black leggings I always wear’ are while I’m in hospital so I’d rather stay prepared. Have a look at what’s in my hospital bag.

3. Baby Shower- Party Time

It was so important for me to be around family and friends, feel their energy and excitement too! It’s also great to be celebrated and showered in gifts too! We had our Animator’s Dreams co-ed shower at home, a perfect fit for our personalities and budget.

4. Contraction Counter App

I tested a couple of contraction counter apps before being happy with the one from Amila off the Play Store. I will let you know how this works out for us.

I’ve also been updating my labor and hospital music playlists, hope these will provide some calm and a little bit of relief.

5. Finishing the Nursery and Baby’s Laundry

We used these last few weeks to finish the nursery, hanging pictures, shelves, a flower wall and new curtains. We also organized the changing station and baby’s cupboards. After receiving lots of baby clothes as gifts, we took this time to hand-wash, iron and hang her clothes. It was so cute seeing her little closet take shape!

6. Last Minute Admin

Here are a few last minute organizational items I had to complete toward the end of the 3rd trimester.


  • Completing hospital booking forms
  • Getting my authorization code from my medical aid
  • Going on a hospital tour


  • Deciding on my leave days and applying for maternity leave
  • Handing over my projects and winding down


  • Filling out the necessary forms for UIF maternity benefits claims
  • Going to the department of Labour after my maternity leave started to hand in these forms

It is my first time (ahhh!!) so I hope I have planned for most of the journey ahead! Wishing you a peaceful final trimester!



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