We are four and a half weeks in and we have left the house a few times with Nur, going from nervously lugging this huge bag filled with everything, to bringing it all down to the essentials in a bag that’s surprisingly light and easy to carry.

We purchased the Creche & Travel 7-in-1 bag from Woolworths before baby Nur was born with no prior experience to make this decision, only working with what we did like; the options the many accessories could give, the colour and the fact that it wasn’t a backpack style nursery bag. Luckily this worked out for us! The bag is light, waterproof with extra accessories offering versatility and just right for us!

Créche & Travel 7-in-1 Bag from Woolworths

What’s in the Bag, Lady?

1. Changing

  • Diapers We keep 15 packed in the side pockets at a time, giving us a few extra to work with incase we forget to replace the used stock
  • Baby bum creams We are currently using Bennetts and any ointment to address the dreaded nappy rash
  • Changing Mat We use the one that came with the bag and this works well, compact enough to fold up and wide enough to change baby on
  • Dove Baby Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Cotton Swabs
  • A muslin blanket
  • Nappy Sacks We like the Cherubs lightly fragranced bags. The bags can be used for dirty diapers and dirty clothes too
  • x2 Vests and x2 Onesies and mittens…just incase, packed into a Ziplock bag
  • x1 moms shirt…just incase, packed into a Ziplock bag

2. Feeding

  • Nursing Cover Cloth I work with a few fabric companies so I took pretty fabric swatches large enough to cover baby and me while breastfeeding and added a small pin to them. This works perfectly.
  • Burp Cloth and/or bib
  • Water for Mom To stay hydrated while breastfeeding, a must!
  • Thermos, bottle and cooler bag with an ice pack We only carry this around if we know we will have to bottle feed. We use the cooler bag that came with the changing bag set and add an ice pack from our fridge. I put the frozen milk bottle or storage bag pumped earlier in there as well as her Tommie Tippee thermos with hot water, ready for defrosting in water when necessary

3. Healthcare

  • Tommee Tippee Healthcare and Grooming Kit Which has the following; x 1 Brush, x 1 Comb, x 1 Scissors, x 1 Toothbrush, x 1 Nail Clipper, x 2 Emery Boards, x 1 Nasal Aspirator, x 1 Digital Thermometer
  • Baby’s Health Card/Book We put this in a Ziplock bag to prevent water damage
  • Telament Colic Drops For wind
  • Elizabeth Anne’s Nipple Cream
  • Pacifier in a case– The baby bag also came with a cute pouch attached to the zip to hold your pacifier case
  • x2 pairs of breast pads

Tommee Tippee – Healthcare and Grooming Kit

Packing the Bag

It took a while to get this in an order that works for both my husband and me. I lie the health book flat first then use the changing mat to split the bag into two sections. One for the rectangular, hardcover items and the other for the clothes and fabrics. Three pockets hold the diapers and one holds loose containers like bum creams and telament drops. The outer pockets hold our items eg. phones, lipstick, keys, tissue.

The cooler bag has elastic straps in it so you can strap your bottles into place.

The packed baby bag, light and easy to carry

Although it seems inconsequential, I find custom-making these little things to suit my needs and character makes me happier and makes the day brighter after a sleepless night, haha!



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