Baby’s Activities 3-6 months

The time has come….maternity leave is over!

It’s all gone by so fast but it’s been such a blessing to see my little girl go from a fragile newborn to a stronger, more capable baby!

We opted to go with help from Sisi while I’m at work and luckily we found someone great who loves our baby too! For a couple of weeks we had a helicopter/shadowing scenario and one of the questions that came up was what activities to continue with Nu.

I’ve instinctively played and communicated with the baby for the past four months but to continue, we needed something more official, so I decided to list just some of the games and interactions we have with our baby on a typical day.

The only thing excluded from the activities list above is Bath Time, which we decided to keep as a bonding session between us. We also excluded long weekend walks which, again, we prefer to do with baby and coffee, lunch and dinner outings with friends.

Sisi could use this as a guide and as time goes on and the baby grows, we could change it to more stimulating activities!

Please do let me know what activities your baby enjoys!



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