Messages to the Future- 6 Fun Ways to Capture Special Moments

I used to judge parents whose phones were filled with 100s of pictures of their children, but alas, here we are with my mobile memory full. As we celebrate baby Nu’s 5 months today yay!, I thought of all the fun ways we have been keeping track of our milestones and special moments.

Here are a few:

  1. Baby Diary

We forget sometimes and keeping this diary from the first time we found out we were pregnant (7 weeks), detailing how we found out, reactions after doctor visits, our ups and downs and any other weekly updates helped us track the journey. This will be a beautiful gift to baby Nu. I will back this book up with page photographs but I do hope she gets to see the hard copy.

2. Doctor’s Visits

Our OBGYN was amazing and emailed us sonograms after every visit, the sound of her heartbeat, the day we learnt her sex and general growth. These will no doubt be fascinating for her to see and just awe-inspiring for us to look back on.

3. Documenting your Baby’s Birth

With a Go Pro and cellphone in hand, my husband captured amazing photos of the birth. Again, we do forget, especially the pain part, and looking back at these pictures, re-living the beautiful moment we first met her always warms my heart. I hope she will enjoy seeing our first interactions too.

4. Pregnancy  Shoot

10 days after birth, we went for our shoot to capture our new family. We found a great photographer a month earlier whose minimalist approach appealed to us. Her photographs simply captured the newness, the fragility and the joy.

5. Weekly Photos

We are keeping weekly pictures of baby Nu in the same spot next to her sheep doll we use for scale. This has been a fun way to track her growth, her change of expressions and movements and to also create a montage that she can zip through later!

6. Emailing future Baby

We set up an email address for baby Nu and we send her fun pictures like her first taste of food, her favorite toys or a cute video. We simply type in a message in the subject line and this has a date stamp and ready for her to open when she’s older. Like unveiling gifts!

How do you save memories of your little one?



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