Gaining (a little) control in 2020

In all the craziness around us, I’ve been looking for ways to feel in control of my life.  Whether it’s through baking bread, washing and re-hanging our curtains, or finally putting up the floating shelves that were sitting in storage for years- I’m finding ways to flash a middle finger to 2020! 😂

I know I can’t control everything about safety in the home, but with a busy, walking and tumbling toddler, I’ve had to pay attention to what we can control.

1. First Aid!

This lockdown, I finally came around to keeping a well-stocked First Aid Kit in our home. One of the moms in my baby group gave me the One Aid plug. It’s an awesome kit in a bright yellow and orange bag- making it easy for us to spot in the cupboard. I also love that it’s from a company owned by mom and medical doctor, Dr. Carmen.  

2. Corner and Edge Protect it!

I managed to get edge and corner protectors off Amazon just before lockdown in both the white foam corner and edge guards, and the clear corner protectors.

The white foam ones don’t look great with furniture but they do a great job. It’s a bit of a task sticking the strips to furniture with the double-sided tape included in the package but once stuck on, they haven’t given me issues- well, Nura does chew on it from time to time. They also came with cute foam door stoppers.

I got the clear protectors for a glass table, but they came with spot adhesives that made them easy to remove. These became a hazard because our toddler figured this out and started putting them in her mouth so I have taken them off altogether.

Locally, Takealot does have foam edge and corner protectors. 

3. Plug it!

I’m not sure why babies have an obsession with sockets, but it was crucial to protect her from this fixation. The outlet plugs were off Takealot and came in a pack of 12.

4. Guard It!

Shame, babies always look like they are in a cell behind safety gates. I purchased the auto-close Safety 1st gate from Takealot for our stairs. You do get it as a pressure gate but I like the sound of the ‘click’ and knowing that it’s shut behind me- comfort found in the auto-close mechanism. I love that you can lock this gate both with the top click lock and also turn the stops at the bottom to fix it into place. Our princess is already trying to figure out how the top click works (help)!

5. Track It!

These tiny booties are perfect for tracking baby Nur around the house, they have a tiny ringing bell in the character so if she ever runs off where she isn’t supposed to, I have the sound tracker on her!

Please do let me know your safety tips!



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