A Comparison between my Emergency C-Section and my Elective C-Section

It’s a new baby!!!! So excited to have welcomed baby Isa into the world and to have been chosen to be his mommy!
There were a lot of similarities between the birth of our first and second- we had the same medical team in the same hospital and even ended up in the same room! All these things offered a familiarity that made it easier.

Our first was delivered by an emergency C-section because I experienced a placenta abruption. It was a hard process but I’m grateful our Nur came to us safely. With our second, natural birth wasn’t an option so we opted for an elective C-section for his delivery. This went so smoothly and I wanted to touch on some of the differences between these two experiences.

1. Cost

With the emergency C-section deviating from the planned natural delivery, a lot of unplanned costs came with it (a risk taken when going the natural route). The elective route allowed for cost pre-planning and a clear indication of what the medical team would charge and what our medical insurance would cover. It was way cheaper the elective route.

2. Energy

I will address both my energy to deliver and the energy in the room.

Before the emergency C-section, I had labour induced medically while still trying to deliver naturally. I had been in labour for about 11hours and I’d also opted for an epidural so by the time we had to go the emergency route- I was EXHAUSTED! The experience is a bit of a blur (some trauma response there, tiredness and possibly meds kicking in) and there was panic and urgency in the air due to my placenta abruption. Our normally bubbly and hilarious OB/GYN was suddenly so serious and our fun nurse who had guided us through the labour process had sad eyes, assuring my husband that everything was going to be alright. 

With the elective C-section, I checked in at noon for a 14.30 appointment. I was alert and intentional about keeping positive. The medical team’s energy was light-hearted and we had our pediatrician talk us through the process in the theatre, going through what of OB/GYN was doing (what I couldn’t see beyond the hanging shield) and a countdown to when we would meet baby. There was an ease in the air, no panic and the step by step walk-through helped me feel comfortable. I also remember the birth very well compared to my first deliver- maybe because I was on less meds and also with the labour time eliminated.

3. The Bounce Back

As expressed earlier, I can’t remember much of my first birth and the early days of recovery but I do think I had a quicker recovery time. I even attended a friends wedding 17 days after the emergency C-section.

I’m 11 days into the recovery with my second as I write this and still feel a bit of pain. I’m still on medication and healing but I am being kinder to myself, giving it time and taking it easy.

4. Parenting

By far this has been the most noticeable difference. Our early-day parenting the first time around was riddled with fear, blind-ambition, up-tightness and only some fun.

I must say this time around we fell into the ease of parenting sooner. We don’t sweat the small stuff, we are more forgiving to ourselves and with a toddler in the house that makes everything fun, it’s been a great experience. We managed to fall into a schedule sooner too so less sleepiness which means better moods! 

5. The Pandemic

Being pregnant during Covid meant working from home and a lot of rest and recuperation at home. Although I started a new job 5months into my pregnancy, I still felt less stress, more at ease and just more conscious of pre-natal care this time around. We’ve had less visitors too which meant as a unit we grew closer, more reliant on each other and worked on our family traditions.

I felt lucky to have been able to be more present in the pregnancy and birth experience even though it has been a crazy covid period. 

The two pregnancies and births were very different experiences but both were filled with love and I’m excited to show more of the journey ahead as a mom of two! 



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