A First Birthday

First birthdays are so special! We had ours during the Covid Lockdown and my little family had an amazing time. Here are my pointers on how to make a home birthday party beautiful and budget friendly.

1. Do You!

Pick the theme or concept you want for your little one and create a Mood Board. Our theme was Color Blast and we had asked guests to wear color block outfits!

I use inspiration images from Pinterest and Instagram. Customize and make it your own. I also use Over for all my montages and the invitation.

2. Plan In Advance

Note product lead times, and add 2 weeks. I like giving deliveries plenty of time to arrive, so we ordered a month and a half in advance. Luckily the last order of her neon letters came in just before Lockdown.

Early preparations also give you time to look out for special and deals and to return any disappointing items.

Also note what you have already, carpets, side tables, plants, fabric- anything to add to your vision.

3. Re-use, Re-Cycle

I try to buy things I can re-use. We were able to use decor from 2years ago for a friend’s baby shower and it still looked amazing. My decor stash is growing and I will be that go-to mama haha! Remember to be extra careful when taking the decor down and packing it away.

4. What Can I Do

I live for good DIY job but it’s been important to find a balance between reality and my ambitions. A DIY job done well helps me save money!

5. To Do List

Set your daily goals. We worked on the ceiling streamers by sticking to our ”one colour a day” rule. By the end of he week the colour wave was done and Nura loved this!

6. Have Fun

While working on the decor, I let baby eat the streamers-I joke, that wasn’t on purpose, but I did let her play with her balloons and mess things up. It’s her day and some unplanned quirks make great stories

7. Do it for the Gram

We always have two sets of images, one for the gram and one for our family album. Document your special moments

 8. No room for disappointment

I hadn’t planned for a Lockdown party so I was a bit disappointed but we downloaded the HouseParty App and spent 8hours on it talking to our amazing family and friends from different time zones.

The Brownie cake also cracked from the oven but it gave me a chance to cut it into a ‘1’

Please do let me know what you get up to for baby’s 1st!



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