Baby’s Activities 12-18 months

Wow! I cannot believe just how active our baby, sorry, toddler has become!

We continue from the previous 7-10 month activities list but to be honest, with a global pandemic and a lockdown in SA, we were just taking each day as it comes. Sometimes we were great with these activities and sometimes we watched series in bed all weekend, we tried!

She has become independent and surprises us with telling us what she wants to do, saying things like, ”door…car…ball…nom nom nom…MORE!” This has been great- our first lessons in really listening to her and her opinion.

So here we go- some activities for your pre-two toddler…

The first half of this phase she was teething and wanted comfort which involved a lot of carrying and coddling. We didn’t do a lot of walking, running and jumping even though we wanted to to get her legs strong and coordination development going. But now, we are on a teething pause after 16 teeth. We have been stretching, doing yoga poses and playing tag with a water spray bottle.


Sportsmans Warehouse


We’ve also started to give her alone time where she can entertain herself for a while, having fun in her sand pit, with her basketball net, at a water table or on the slide, or playing with shapes, lego and other toys.

Please do let me know what activities your baby enjoys!



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